Archtic Moon was born in March 2010.  Polarity is the major theme with the Archtic Moon symbol.  It represents the areas of our life that are opposite but equal.  Black is the colour of the universe which represents openness, connection with spirit, and its link to the universal plane.  The white is the line that governs the universal boundaries or the association with the angels.  The picture itself, which some have said looks like someone sitting and reading, is actually of an iceberg, which represents the arctic (no ‘h’).  I had felt a presence with me my entire life, in the sense that I had always felt its warm arms about me, guiding and leading me in some way, but I had no idea what it was.  It wasn’t something I normally relate to.  As a four-year old child, I had sensed the presence of something in my room and had told my mother about it. I then heard her tell me to go to sleep.  It was my mother’s death that prompted a closer relationship with my angels, and in some way, it has that irony about it. My guardian Archangel Azrael, once told me that my spirits are often thought of as something to be feared.  He once told me that ‘passers-by’ are spirits or ghosts who are not ready to go over and require ‘work’ or guidance just like the living.  He then remarked that ghosts, like humans, are not flawless, but that we may learn from one another not only from the living, but also from the dead.  Because spirits, like humans, require instruction, don’t be afraid to work with the spirit you have at first, which is you.  He later went onto say that because Angels are pure energy, they would be felt too harshly and that we require Spirits to help minimise the energetic impact of the message.



Future lives will depend on how you live this one, just as this one depends on whether you’ve learned the lessons of your energy in this life.  You are being channelled via consent, so Mel is not here.  Your angels are there for you.  You can ask about others, but guidance will be provided to a limited scope – more like how you can offer support.  Mel does not know who is talking… so ask if you like.  Channeling your energy does not hurt nor tire Mel.  It’s the equivalent of you picking up a pen in your hand and asking me if I felt that experience.  Nope, it’s yours, and yours alone. NOT MY STUFF! I do not need anything except consent.  That includes your pictures, items of yours, or to see you in person, nor a piece of paper to connect with you, just consent.  Readings are about you, not about everyone else; it’s your time and not theirs.  Psychics cannot compel you to do anything you do not wish to do, as you have FREE WILL, so exercise it carefully.  There is only one of you, and there will always be only ever one.

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