Meditations for Healing from Archangel Raphael


The Healings below came to me through Archangel Raphael. He came and sat with me and guided me through these healings to give you in the time of need.

Archangel Raphael told me once that Healings are the things that Humans crave for.  We often do not realise that Healings are always happening all over our body all the time and that our ‘inner Catalysts’ are working away in a gear that our bodies do not record by telling us we are healing. The ability for our body to heal physically doesn’t mean that we are healed, and therefore our existence is perfectly tuned. The purpose of the human existence is not to just heal physically, but requires us to do the ground work for the emotional and the part of ourselves that contributes to the human psyche. That is our overall self. We are not just a physically in need of healing, but our spirit, or our Chakra/Aura, but the parts of ourselves that we want to hide, the parts of ourselves that we show and the parts of ourselves that bare to all.

Following are two types of healings that have come through from He Who Heals Like God; A White Light Healing (with preamble discussion) and a Chakra and Aura Healing.



The White Light Healing is an overall healing for each physical part of your body. White light will always travel through you, but its presence will merely be altered by your own perception of your own reality. For example, the more pain, sorrow and fear you have, the less the white light can occupy the cloudiness. Means the more the imbalance of you have the more imbalances your soul will bring into and hold onto.

We are not angelic creatures, just a being made up of millions of atomic particles in a mass – in simple terms, your mass counts, means, in white lighting your whole body without a smidge of dirt is an imbalance & all bodies need balance.

Dirt is a representation of Earth but of also the things or experiences in your life that you live/d with. It means your life is not pure, but it is purely yours, so remember that dirt is a representation of you and your physical sense of presence.


STEP 1  - Stand up

STEP 2  - Walk to a mirror and say:
I am GOOD for myself 


I believe in MYSELF

STEP 3 - Sit down and get comfortable in your seat

STEP 4 - In your mind look at each part of your body from your toes to the top of my head and once you have pictures your body as a whole, 

Say out aloud and say it with love and intent – 

I am clearing myself and the energies around me that are blocking me from making decisions. 

I am clearing the energies around me that are blocking my feelings and stopping me from feeling love and compassion for myself and of others.

 I am clearing the feelings that have caused me pain, sorrow and fear

Step 5 - Then say

I am now washing the love and compassion I have for myself and others over my body. 

Please include each part of the body, here below is a guide to cross off of each of the body that you can use, but generally, it is a visual guide so it will give you an idea – for example, the toes are separate from the foot, but are the physical connectors to the ground that gives us balance, hence why I would use toes as well as the feet, but that is up to you –  your Guardian Angels will know that the healing refers to your feet – which includes your toes. This also goes to the hand, like using the fingers and then the hand or if you say the hand, your Guides will know it is the overall package. It is completely up to you.

STEP 6 - Say:

I now place a smidge of dirt on my physical body, this will help ground you – and bring you into balance. 

The dirt is important as it will also connect you with earth as well as light. Importantly, you will need to balance yourself to Earths plane as well as your overall self. 

This if not done will not cause harm, but you will need grounding as this is a grounding technique guided by my Archangels.

STEP 7 - Drink a glass of water. This will help your body’s natural balance to its own centre. Meaning, water is what you nearly all of, and connecting with it will help you balance it not only from a physical perspective but from a cellular level.



Chakra and Aura Healing or Clearing

This is for either a chakra or aura healing – just use the word that applies to the healing. It can also be used for both at the same time.


I am with myself, 

I love myself, 

I am good for myself, 

I now surround my aura and chakras with all the colours on this universal plane. 

I now surround myself with white light on myself. 

I now surround myself with a smidge of dirt.

 I now am of light, love and peacefulness.

Just relax and breathe and inside your mind,


I am now at peace and healed.

Stay seated for a few minutes after the healing. After that, stand up and move forward with your day.


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