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Psychic Art Readings are pictures produced from Psychic Readings.


A psychic art picture is in essence a picture of your energetic vibration or of an object at that time. The picture contains a message and using pastel as the medium, a picture of the vibration or your object will come through. The picture demonstrates what is around you at the time. A psychic art picture is only limited to the subject you request which means you can request a psychic art picture for anything



There are several aspects to the psychic art drawings. 

My guides and guardian angels come through and are able to provide you a psychic art picture at your request. As readings are given verbally, a psychic art picture is another way to provide you with a reading. Generally completed in colour, although also available in charcoal, the picture captures a different means to delivering messages than a reading.  Each colour amplifies and illuminates your love, fears, burdens, sadness, wishes and dreams all in one picture. All pictures are that of light and provided with each picture is an actual reading. The picture may include anything from your aura being read to changes that are surrounding you which amplifies anything from grief to love.


Objects may be included in the picture such as a chair, a hammer, a love heart or a boat. Animals may also appear – in fact it may even include your totem. If an animal appears in your psychic art picture it is because it represents a part of you that is reflecting through an animal’s eyes, i.e. what you’re demonstrating may be similar to the type of behaviour that an animal species demonstrates. For example, a crab may appear in your psychic art picture because you may be avoiding something; this is typically associated with crab’s behaviour and represents you sidestepping an issue.


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About Psychic Art readings

As part of my services, I provide Psychic Art readings. These can be carried out remotely or in person. I will be where you are (whether

physically or not) at the place and for the length of time requested by you. Please ensure that the space you choose will fit both you and me and my art materials – including the easel and that you advise what size paper you request to have the artwork on.

Remember, the bigger the paper, the bigger the picture, thus longer the reading…  Here below are some Psychic Art pieces previously completed.

Who can have a Psychic Art reading?

Anyone – but it must be you, about your life – so yes, it can include your pets, experiences, but you can’t ask… can you do one for another… unless it’s your baby or pet.


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