Spirit Clearing

Psychic Readings for Clearing Spirits and Helping Their Spiritual RecoverySpirit Clearing

Clearing a spirit from your residence, vehicle or from around you benefits both you and the spirit. The spirit will be recognised and assisted, thereby clearing the energy around you and creating a more psychically balanced and healthy environment. This has a positive ripple effect on all that and those around you including other people, animals, plants and objects. Everyone and thing will be more at ease and comfortable in their respective energies.


The spirits around you may be trying to understand their life force and connect with you, so that you may be able to help them. They may be displaced in their presence because their lives didn't make sense to them after death. They may be unsure of the fact that they are deceased and not able to work through their understanding of how death has affected them. They may be in angst and not want to resolve their lives and their energy is still in the home.

They may want some form of counselling and may be trying to ask for help in finding the light because they have not seen it for some time, such as when they died. They may be upset about their death and not know how to leave the physical plane; one of the first stages of the process of death is to learn to let go of the physical, e.g. family, children and loved ones and things you owned in your home. It may be about trying to hold onto the past but whatever their time in life brought them to deal with, their death is another time to work through. They may hope that you connect with a medium so that they can connect with you and provide you with a message.


Spirit clearing can also be called spirit cleansing or spiritual recovery because it's about helping a spirit move on, i.e. clearing it from the location it's in by helping cleanse it's energy and recover in order to continue on it's experiential path. Spirits are often just wanting you to connect with them, often just wanting some confirmation about their life so it can make sense to them.

The guides and guardian angels have said that death is the first stage in working through your life. Death is the resolution of your life and when you die you are forced to confront who and what you were in life. Death is only a first stage to the metabolic breakdown to your life force energy. Archangel Michael came to me in a dream and said that Life is the force of the Universe, meaning that your life force energy is just one fragment of the universal force of the energy on Earth and that living is another force to work with and inside of.

Archangel Azrael has told me that in dreams we speak our soul's truth and in your life your picture is played out. This means that while your dreams are a way for your subconscious to resolve itself in life, when you die, you do not dream, sleep, speak, eat or connect with any physical element on the planet. However in saying that, there are forces within the spirits energy that can create actions such as closing a door or pushing items off a table. This is merely the force of the energy, the strength of the message and the love that is behind it. Love can also mean pain as well because this is love in the holistic sense.

Types Of Spirit Clearings


Some spirits are your guides and guardian angels wanting to connect with you, so that you may understand that they would like you to work with them. Messages from my guides and guardian angels will come through to provide you with a reading from the spirits and will provide you messages about the force around you. I will be able to assist in clearing the spirit and helping it resolve.


Spirit recovery or clearing is facilitated by a psychic reading for the location where a clearing is requested. The spirit may around you and this is often at your place of residence which may be a house, rental property, commercial premises, boat or unit or an area within your residence. Clearings are also for vehicles including your car, truck, boat, etc. A clearing needs to be conducted in-person and so is not the same as just a reading. For readings please also see House and Property Readings and Vehicle Readings.

How To Book A Spirit Clearing

Readings may be delivered in-person, via skype, by phone or by email. Group bookings are available as Psychic Parties & Corporate Events. You can also have a Psychic Art picture produced with any reading. Please view my Price List & Enquiry Form page to select your booking choices and preferences or Contact me for further assistance.


If you would like the spirit or entity to leave your home, vehicle or residence, I will need to be physically present at the premises to carry out a clearing.

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