Orca and Penguin

Connection - Archangels Michael and Metatron

The angels – archangels Michael and Metatron came through to reflect the polarity that exists with both of these animals. Archangel Metatron was a human prior to becoming an archangel, whereas archangel Michael has always been an archangel – they are opposite to each other yet both are archangels. The orca and penguin in this picture reflects that both animals are found in both ends of the earth; one is a source of food for the other, but not the only source, and both are at the opposite ends of the food chain. They are equal and opposite to each other and are each other’s polarity. We do not need the other to survive, but we need each other to be a part of the source – this is archangels message – we are what we reflect from each other and we will often avoid each other but in the end, be near, or present with the other – no matter where we are, we are always within the source.

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