Chakra of Sailboat Bow

Sailboat-smallThe Chakra of the bow shows that it is always moving in the opposing direction to its requests. This means that the steering wheel says it has to be turned one way for the boat to move another. The overall direction which is shown by the left chakra cone shows purposeful direction, but there is always an undercurrent behind me. For example, I am the Bow which means that everything is behind me, so I need to carry everything forward, but I will often need to go full steam ahead – hence the substantial deep blue colour within the middle chakra. I often need to take it slowly – which is shown by the smaller chakra cone on the left. This second chakra is a support but nonetheless a requirement because you cannot live your life going fast through the seas. There is a third chakra on the right of the larger one in the middle, which has a point of origin of the centre. These three chakras show the changes in speed, i.e., the bottom one shows slow & steady, the one in the middle is used for power & speed – through rough seas, or when it has to take a lot of people. The energy of the third chakra represents the high speed that the boat can get to because it is only used for races or show. It is energy of show, rather of purpose. The amount of white in the picture shows that the sailboat is well kept vessel.

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