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I provide messages for people who request a Psychic Feng Shui reading. Archtic Moon’s Psychic Feng Shui differs from traditional Chinese Feng Shui in that I use the connection of my guides and guardian angels to provide you messages in essence about the placement/design of your space and how the energy in that space effects your balance of energy or Qi.

Energy is there to be learned from and cannot be discarded as negative vibration or a negative energy. The role of the guides and angels is to provide you messages about how the energy is flowing and what strategies you can use to improve the feeling within that space and therefore improve its balance/Qi.

Every space in your life has a flow and each object has a reason to be in that space. Therefore each direction in your space has an objective, a connection to it space and its time - some things may be better placed in one corner of the room and not another. What I do is provide you with a reference map as such that comes from the guides and guardian angels. The angels provide messages about the energy in and around you and your environment, and then provide you with the messages of how you can help provide a better balance in that environment.

Readings are completed either by a psychic art picture, a diagram or in words, or a combination of all—depending on your request.

By working with the guides and or angels, Psychic Feng Shui can:

  • Help you make the connection with the space and energy around you
  • Work with the design of your space which will improve the harmony and structure of that environment
  • With the use of objects place them in a particular space that will help balance that energy
  • Within that space improve and assist in the development of your Qi.

Psychic Feng Shui Art

A Psychic Feng Shui Art picture is a picture of the energy of the space you are requesting to have a reading for from the angels.Psychic

  • You can have a Psychic Feng Shui Art picture with or without the reading
  • You can have a psychic art picture of the space before and/or after the reading.

Psychic art pictures are as per reading costs on paper and for pictures completed on canvas - please see the costs for psychic art on canvases.

What are the goals of a psychic feng shui reading?

  • Work with the angels/guides to create a space which balances your Qi, invite/promote a balanced energy, introduce energy that does not alienate you or anything in your space, promote changeability and need for learning from the energy.
  • Placement of objects which promote health, prosperity, openness and harmony and healing with the flow of you to resolve any issues about that space — which is done by working with the energy of that space — which is the purpose of these readings.
  • Ensure that your Qi is online with what your business/purpose is for — inline yourself with your purpose
  • Create a successful environment
  • Create a space that has free flow and which is not cluttered by putting items in their place that is needed first — i.e. background then furnish your foreground
  • Work with the energy of you — for example — remember not to get involved in every minute of another person/s energy, this will ensure your energy isn’t in time with another — only yours.
  • Provide messages from the angels that give you an awareness of symbols around you to ensure that your energy flow is not diverted.


Readings may be delivered in-person, via skype, by phone or by email. Group bookings are available as Psychic Parties & Corporate Events. You can also have a Psychic Art picture produced with any reading. Please view my Price List & Enquiry Form page to select your booking choices and preferences or Contact me for further assistance.


Have your own unique psychic artwork produced with a Psychic Art Reading.

Psychic artworks are an auric 'snapshot' of your reading. A picture of your personal psychic footprint. To book a reading with psychic artwork please see the Price List & Enquiry Form.

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