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Psychic palmistry, Psychic phrenology, Psychic reflexology, Face reading


Each part of the body is a map to your spirit and as your guides and angels form part of your spirit, part of  their role is to read and provide messages about your spirit , so they are actually the ones who read body maps. The general understanding of phrenology, palmistry, reflexology and face reading relates to the science-based therapeutic fields corresponding to the head, hands, feet and face,  Archtic Moon incorporates these aspects but works psychically to read those bodymaps as a whole, as oppose to the standard way, based on the physical/emotional only. The messages you receive will come from your angels about your life using the parts of your body being read.

Bodymap readings are for people and animals

An Archtic Moon bodymap reading can be completed on any part of you or an animal's body. Generally, bodymap readings correlate to the following areas:

face reading

  1. Psychic phrenology – using your head as the area to read – or sections of it

  2. Psychic palmistry – using your palm as the area of your body to be read – or sections of it

  3. Psychic reflexology – using your feet to be the area to be read – or sections of it

  4. Face reading – using your face as the area to be read – or sections of it.

Head, hands, feet, face – everyone's different

Psychic reflexologyNo person has the same reading as no person has the same body; even identical twins or triplets will demonstrate different energies. The readings will tell you everything because when your angels read your body, they look at everything that resonates within you. In essence, each part of your body represents the physical manifestation of your soul or spirit. So whether or not I read your hand, your head or your feet, the same thing will come across. Bodymap readings cover all aspects of your life including:


  • Your emotions and feelings – fears, experiences, anger, pain, sorrow, love, independence, decisions, virtues and character
  • Your future, past and present
  • Who your guides and guardian angels are and were in past lives
  • Your truth – your energy’s essence as well as physical truth
  • Your health – overall and specific state of health in current and past lives
  • Your energy – shape, size, vibration, colour and position
  • Your relationships – family, friends and even your past life relationships
  • How you feel about yourself and others and how they see you
  • Your finances, career path and ambitions.

Once you have stated which part of the body you wish to have a reading on - head, hands, and feet or face, the reading will commence. For example, in a psychic phrenology reading, your guides and angels will come through with messages about the above areas using your head. The message may be about how you see fear first or how you are constantly pushing past it. Or it could mean that you conquer it head on. Every reading is individual and will present a different meaning for each person. It is the energy of the space that is important and what that energy is saying to you. This is what I am connecting with at the time.


Readings may be delivered in-person, via skype, by phone or by email. Group bookings are available as Psychic Parties & Corporate Events. You can also have a Psychic Art picture produced with any reading. Please view my Price List & Enquiry Form page to select your booking choices and preferences or Contact me for further assistance.


Have your own unique psychic artwork produced with a Psychic Art Reading.

Psychic artworks are an auric 'snapshot' of your reading. A picture of your personal psychic footprint. To book a reading with psychic artwork please see the Price List & Enquiry Form.

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