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Whilst there are many influences in one’s life about as to why people colourise their bodies & have a person draw on them, each person represents their bodies in different ways. Each person presents their individuality & part of a person’s individuality is how our skin not only acts as a support for our organs, our bones, muscles & tissue, but how our skin is a reflection of ourselves of our internal & external identity. 

We use our skin to represent something that is unique – it isn’t, because a tattoo is not unique, a tattoo may be just unique to the person but all tattoos represent something & it is that something of you & what the tattoo says is the kind of energy my guides & guardian angels provide you messages about.

The messages may receive may relate to you, your home, finance, family, education, pets, past, present, future, spirituality, emotions at the time & much more.

How psychic tattoo readings work:

  • Messages are not about what is generally understood about a tattoo — i.e. what each tattoo is known to symbolize—each tattoo carries a message about you & your life such as what you are drawn to & why.
  • Often the meaning to the tattoos will also change throughout time.
  • Your Angels guide you in all ways & tattoos are a symbol of their guidance.
  • Each part of a tattoo has an energy. It's that energy which allows the pathway for your angels to come through & will communicate with you.
  • You speak directly with your angels because they come through me from you to provide you with the messages. 
  • You can also ask questions about any specific tattoo’s you have.

For more information, please contact me to discuss.

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Remember there is always an Angel with you!

Please use these celebrities as examples of the of the Psychic Tattoo readings

Colin Farrells Tattoo - Actor

Why did he do it the Angels  say! Well, because he can. He sees spirit you see. He knows that they are there but still does it anyway. That is part of his charm, his ability to just do things is not sign of being restless, but is a sign of his ability to keep sharp of his own sense of light. He is not an order onto himself, but his sense of order and no chip on the shoulder is Colin Farrell.

His tattoo means spiritually, gratitude & being welcomed. My angels say that he does things without warning for others, but is like a normal person. His tattoo reflects his energy that shows him to be a person that he can come & go as he sees fit – a little like how his characters are represented & his honesty & down to earth nature senses triumph every time.  Life is not a battle for Colin, but in isolation he feels not alone, but grace.

For the next year is not of isolation, but of just being him. For new roles, romance is in the air. He likes the understanding of how things work, so being a Director is more & more coming into the forefront. Colin is the driver of his life, rather that the passenger. They are also talking more about England & Royal times, but not like rough, but as in regal. Meaning he will be always kept strong in his heart & true to his sense of nature. More charity work will divert out into nature, similar to Brad  

His tattoo includes a lot of points, like many places to go, many people to see. Always doing, always being seen doing. Always seen & always heard from the heart & soul.

Pink - Alicia Moore – Singer/Songwriter

Her Tattoo is her charm - tattoo is a charm. Angels are always going to lead her to her angelic being. She is truly gifted they say. An artist that found herself on this planet & the only way to express it is through her music.

Yes, although her tattoo is of an angel it’s the angel on one shoulder, angel on the another - we are talking not of good & bad - this is NIL with her -but the appearance of.

She does what she does with heart, & lives like she does with heart. Much of what she is not from her, but from above. Strength & life will always flow through her.

To grow up is not in her character in the sense of what her age is will not lose sight of her audience as they will flow with her wherever she goes. Not breaking edge, but always chipping away at her self & redefining her being.

To continue to grow will mean focusing on genre's such as theatre & broadway tunes, which will add another element. But what she can do is make it her own, no matter what she sings.

For this year, a new album is being made in that what she puts out will result in a new sense of connection with her music.

Another new beginning is coming into her life, a new baby, not so much, but something is being nurtured through her soul which will certainly make a lot of caring alter her sense of self.

Angelina Jolie – Actor / Human Rights Activist

That tattoo that you see below - of the animal is of well, perpetual intuition - & yes, I did use the word intuition! One that I do not use - why - not relevant for now, but for Angelina in means that she has psychic abilities - everything Angelina is felt throughout her body & soul & only does things that run true for her.

Her mind sits plainly on her Mars Head. This means that her Head is always going to be in fight mode rather than in peace but her fight is not of fight, but is of peace but her truth is that it will only be found in fight.

The tattoo also means that her wild woman will always be there & will not ever disappear.

For a woman that is dominated by Archangel Michael & Sandlaphon, her strength is formed by the uniqueness of her motives. Pitt, but like Angelina Jolie the tattoos she has on her body will always be connected to the heart and not from the wallet – such as self-promotion or the ego & even status.


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