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What is a Psychic Funeral Reading?

Psychic Funeral readings are where I will connect with your loved one & the angels & provide you messages from them –  in essence it can be looked at as a chance for your loved one to communicate with you at their own funeral. I can do this because I am a trance medium –  this means that your loved one can communicate their message through me.


I also work with angels, so when messages come through you hear me, see me, but the words that are being spoken & the way I behave is them – angels or a loved one.

The booking can be booked as a eulogy format or a reading where you have the opportunity for you, your family, or friends to ask/receive messages from your loved one.

The structure is up to you, whether in a group, full service or in a private setting with a selected amount of people.


How do the readings work?

Do you have someone in your life who has recently passed away, or want to communicate with a loved one whilst at their funeral - the other eulogy ... the one you don't hear from but who you would love to hear from the most? How about making this happen?

With a Psychic Funeral Reading you can have this happen. Your loved one can provide you with messages from beyond.
This also includes animals & children - It does not matter when this person passed away - you can have it prior to the funeral, at the funeral, afterwards, even 20 years down the track.

The readings will vary depending on whether you book a reading for the funeral service itself, the wake or even a private booking with you/&/or family.

I do not at any stage know any of the messages that come through as all messages unless stated at the time are real time. I hear them when you do.

So do not ask me what I know, think or understand because I am not the one doing the reading/providing you with the messages – I am simply the face/person & voice whom you see & hear giving it.

Sometimes spirits have lots of work to do once they have passed away, so often their angels will communicate the message/(s) for them. The angels that speak through me could be your loved ones angels, your angels or my angels – that will depend on the question or the message at the time.

At any stage you are more than welcome to ask any questions about who is stating the message. Sometimes the spirit will state it is them, & sometimes not, it will really depend on the moment in time during of the reading & the message being provided.

Details about the reading to be known prior to the service:


If you wish to connect with your loved one at the funeral or wake, I would just ask some basic questions...

- Your name & contact details– (on the day - your loved ones name with whom you wish to connect with)

- location – where am I providing the service?

- Is it a Funeral, Wake, Cremation, Memorial

- Whether it is a private booking – one/one or a group booking

- the duration & time of your booking?

Out of respect for your cultural heritage, could you provide me with any words/phrases you would request to use/not use when referring to your loved one –

such as deceased, departed or passed away as many cultures use many words to refer to the loss of a family member.


blue flower



Loved ones Eulogy: What is a loved one’s Eulogy?

This is where you ask to just have your loved one speak about their life, like they would have if they were here, but it is me who you see & hear but they are the words & actions being spoken.


Message reading:

The amount of people & where is up to you – that includes the Funeral, Wake, Cremation or the Memorial.

Who asks the questions is up to you to work through – remember the loved ones who have passed away understand you, your family & friends are grieving, but also want you to continue to live your life.

The angels say that life is not over because a person passes away, they just change physical form.

The memories & experiences you had with the person is the same as the feeling you had about them when they were alive, but now it is the understanding that they are physically not here to remind you of them by calling you up or seeing you.

If someone alive isn’t reminding you or talking about something anymore, doesn’t mean they have passed away, it means they are talking, doing, living or working through their lives in a different way than they used to.

Spirits say you have been as much as a part of their life as they have been for yours.




 Are they scared/afraid  Are they healing Can they see other family members  What is it like 

Can they hear/see us  

 What are they doing now   Is your loved one okay Is your loved one okay  Do they know where they are 

 Do they have messages for me

or from other family members

What can I tell them

Can they communicate with family members  

Who helped them into the light  Are they in the light Who helped them into the light 



Questions like, are they in Heaven for them can be answered, but each spirit will  define Heaven as different from the next. The age of the person/pet who has died is not a factor in not being able to provide messages - whether it be an infant or someone who was 100 years old.




 Discussion points:

Each person who has passed away is different from the next. If there is an investigation and/or criminal trial pending, questions about the legal process/circumstances will not be answered in a group setting.

If you do not advise me that the passing of your loved one is under investigation & you request a question about the circumstances leading up to the

passing of your loved one, during, after or the outcome of the trial, the angels will advise you that no messages about this will be provided in this setting.

The age of the person/pet whom has died is not a factor in not being able to provide messages - whether it be an infant or someone who was 100 years old.

Psychic investigation:

If you have any questions regarding the investigation of your loved one, or would like to request a reading about your loved one specific passing, a Funeral, Wake, Cremation or Memorial is not the time to ask them.

As a Medium I work with the energy of the spirit & provide messages for people/animals who are living and also whom have passed away.

Whether or not the person has passed away last week, last month or even 40 years ago, that relationship with that person can be something that people miss.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about any or all of the above readings.


See relevant pricing located at the Price List & Enquiry form – see also travel costs


Have your own unique psychic artwork produced with a Psychic Art Reading.

Psychic artworks are an auric 'snapshot' of your reading. A picture of your personal psychic footprint. To book a reading with psychic artwork please see the Price List & Enquiry Form.

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