People/animals with disabilities, unconscious or in a coma

My guides & guardian angels will come through & provide you with messages from your loved one who have a disability, who are unconscious &/ or are in a coma – (loved ones could be for people or for animals) and are unable to communicate through speech.

I also put animals in this category because I am also an Animal Psychic & animals can be in comas & can be unconscious & you may also request a reading from them whilst they are in that state. For a reading with an animal – the animal does not have to be conscious to provide you with messages.

Many disorders impact on a person's ability to communicate but with a reading this process is broken down as it is the person angels who communicate through messages in a reading.

In this reading you can ask questions about anything from

• how they are feeling
• what the person thinks
• feels
• sees
• hears
• tastes
• understands about their situation / what is happening around them
• ask about their condition
• healing techniques to assist in the improvement of their physical, emotional, psychological, spirituality
• what the persons body is stating on how they can improve their medical circumstances – ie, what scientific areas that assist in the persons development
• how their body is managing through the experiences of the situation
• ways to improve your communication with that person – practical, physical ways to assist you in understanding how to develop clearer communication tools with your loved one

If you or a loved one who has any of these or a combination of these disorders & would like a reading – messages from the person's angels will come through – means – if that person has anything to ask, state, request, want to say – or just communicate a message, all you will need to do is request a reading & you will be able to receive messages from your loved one as it them that is saying it/speaking it – but you are hearing it from me rather than them.

If your family member or loved one has any of these disorders that impact a person's ability to communicate you can request a reading to have messages from that person come through via the persons angels.

• Hearing disorders and deafness
• Voice problems, such as dysphonia or those caused by cleft lip or palate
• Speech problems like stuttering
• Developmental disabilities
• Brain injury
• Stroke
• Acquired Brain Injury
• Cleft palate
• Autistic spectrum disorders
• Learning disabilities
• Neuromuscular disorders such as cerebral palsy
• Inadequate speech-language models in the home environment
• Specific Language Impairment (including dyslexia)

Coma / Unconscious readings

If you have a family member or a loved one who is in a coma or is unconscious you can request a reading & ask questions about what they are experiencing & what they see, feel, taste, sense & hear – any messages that will come through will be from the persons angels – but you will hear them from me – but it will be the persons angels speaking to you – not me.

To understand the difference between a coma & being unconscious – the difference is this –

Unconsciousness is the condition of being not conscious—in a mental state that involves complete or near-complete lack of responsiveness to people and other environmental stimuli. A person may become unconscious due to oxygen deprivation, shock, central nervous system depressants such as alcohol and drugs, or injury.


Coma is a state of unconsciousness lasting more than six hours, in which a person: cannot be awakened; fails to respond normally to painful stimuli, light, or sound; lacks a normal sleep-wake cycle; and, does not initiate voluntary actions. Patients may have different levels of unconsciousness and unresponsiveness depending upon how much or how little of the brain is functioning. Patients in coma do not voluntarily interact with their environment.

The key in these readings is that even though your loved one is not able to verbalise physically & specifically messages from themselves, in these readings – the persons angels will be communicating with you – so whatever is being said is being said by that person – however, their messages can include messages of guidance for you or for anyone else in their lives.

Thank you to Wikipedia & for providing details about the definition of coma & of unconsciousness.


Very important POINTS

Generally, when providing these readings, the one who is requesting the reading is there present – however, I do not have to be in the room with your loved one who is either unconscious, in a coma or has a disability where speech is impacted. Any of these readings can be done by phone, face to face, via skype or by phone. This reading is no different to any of the other readings I provide.

However, if your loved one who has a disability where speech is affected or is in a coma or unconscious & does not consent to answer your questions – the angels will state this.



How does a person form consent if they have or are affected by the above?

When you request a reading – what messages will come through will be given. However, if you are wanting to find out something that you have always wanted to know but could never ask, & because they were conscious before & could form consent, but feel because of the state that they are in means you can ask them - you may not receive an answer that you seek.

Your angels will provide you with messages for you rather than from the other persons angels. Therefore the reading will be a reading for you rather than about them which means you are wanting to seek guidance for something that is about you, rather than them. These readings are for your loved one – not for you – it is their way of communicating with you about themselves & their angels way to provide you with messages to assist them.

If you started asking about what your loved one does/did for your own means you will be advised by your angels to seek a reading for yourself rather than asking about what the loved one did when you did not ask them when they were conscious. However, there are some exclusions – these will be case by case basis – but general things like asking your partner if they had an affair when they're unconscious or in a coma will be advised to you that no messages about that persons consenting sexual history can be discussed with you.

Therefore your loved one can form consent because it is the persons angels who are speaking & will provide you with messages that you are for guidance with – but if any questions that cannot be answered – you will be advised in the reading – but generally – when you request a reading these readings your focus is on your loved one & developing a relationship with them that includes a different level of understanding that you had prior.

If you have any questions – feel free to ask – if there are disorders that are not listed – but wish to ask if you can have a reading – please ask – but please keep in mind that all speech disorders cannot be listed. If you have a question – feel free to enquire as I would be more than happy to discuss this with you.

Remember there is always an angel with you.


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