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Computer Psychic readings &

Computer Aura / Chakra Art Readings




Let your guides & guardian angels come through & provide you with messagesabout your computeror computer related accessories



You ask, “what messages?”




Ø All I want to know is why my PC or laptop does this or does that, not what it means on a psychic level


Ø We all seek in our lives quick fixes, but these quick fixes from problems that our computer may notbe just a quick fix resolution.


Ø Learning to understand why the things in our life reflect us can help us learn to identify, learn from& let go of the things that occur in our lives that we feel are problems, thus the problems with our PC as such will disappear


Ø Messages are like when our children mimic our behaviour - do we correct them, or do we encourage them? Or do we recognise that they're reflecting their examples that we place on them?


Ø A reading isn’t about giving you an answer to everything, your soul holds that message, but what a reading will do is;


Ø provide you with messages about what that item means in your life - what is it reflecting


Ø provide you with guidance about what you can do to resolve the issue


Ø how you can learn to connect it with your life, then perhaps help others with the guidance you receive or;


- if a similar problem occurs for them you may be able to provide them with guidance



In a reading with me, my guides & guardian angels allow your energy ie, your guides & guardian angels to come through & provide you with the messages – the words that

Ø you hear may be heard by you because I am speaking them,  but it is your energy talking back to you.

Ø It’s like when you give me access to your hard drive but I use my keyboard, my mouse & my monitor – but all the information that comes out is from your hard drive.

Ø you allow me the space to provide you with what your hard drive is working on – ie your questions/life, & all the context/content is you,

Ø not me & that is what you hear back.

Ø There is no me in the reading – I am not involved in any of the information.


What can you ask in a computer psychic reading?


      Anything -    your family friends    -   love   -     children    -    financial situation  & of course what is wrong  with my pc, ipad, monitor… etc


Ø What you can do to improve your PC – accessories – mouse, printers, monitors, programs?

Ø is my PC in the right place – sitting position to what can I do to enlighten the atmosphere – making it more user friendly.

Ø Employment    Ø Education        Ø Finance    Ø Health/wellbeing



What computerrelated item can be read?




 - that includes the internal hardware, software


A couple of things –


Ø you do not need to bring your computer related item to the reading – but you are more than welcome to

Ø  work with your guides & angels – so whatever comes out is your energy, so they can see what you have so it’s not required for the reading to commence.  

Ø If you wanted a specific item read & you want me to see it, you can if you like bring a picture or the item along with you. Your energy is providing you with the messages so it knows the outlay of the desk or workspace

Ø All you hear relates to the messages that are there for you for each of the items.

Ø The energy of the item can be much more than you would ever imagine – because it reflects you.

Ø if you have a question, feel free to ask.


Computer Aura/chakra Psychic Art Readings


 You can also ask to have a psychic art picture of any of your computer/computer related items.


Ø An aura is the colour of the  energy surrounding the object. It is neither good nor bad, just what the colour is

Ø You can ask for the picture for any time of its life;  whether when you bought it

Ø prior to it not working  what it looks like now

Ø what it will look like in… (name the time/date)

Ø your computer or any part of your computer related item/(s)



 Computers & computer related items like every other object on the planet is a collection of energy

Ø Each part of a computer has a functionality a purpose if you like, or a means to an end.

Ø hopefully when all these means come to end you should be able to turn your computer on & off without a hitch.


Like I had a couple of years ago…

I was wondering why my internet was not working, I simply pulled a few plugs out,stopped its oxygen & then gave it CPR.Then like magic, it worked!!!

A simple but yet affective process which is usually a first rule when something doesn’t work, turn it Sure, it doesn’t take a psychic to work those things out,

but the messages I received from them, the patience that I exercised, the calmness I carried out was the result of them saying…. “let me show you as it is a simple but yet exercise in basic processing”.


Ø Which has been reflecting my circumstances this week, keep it simple, exercise basic but yet simple actions & do not over exert yourself.

Ø Remember your ability to get things done relies on you being able to carry them out without worrying about the loss.

Ø Loss issimply your soul being able to release it because it has served you in teaching you a lesson

Ø Once the lesson is complete, the action of loss is a break & an acknowledgement that the lesson has been learned. It hurts us

Ø because we give up something to gain something else.


Have your own unique psychic artwork produced with a Psychic Art Reading.

Psychic artworks are an auric 'snapshot' of your reading. A picture of your personal psychic footprint. To book a reading with psychic artwork please see the Price List & Enquiry Form.

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