Object Readings

Psychic Readings of Objects

An object reading is simply a reading of an object as opposed to a person, animal or plant. For clarity of purpose, I have deliberately distinguished object readings from vehicle readings, house readings and other types of readings because each of these types have specific characteristics belonging to their groups. The groupings have been created to provide a simple overview of the different types of readings. Combined, they form a range of psychic readings and inter-related services.


The reasons for having an object reading may be based in the physical world, e.g. to find someone or something missing. There are however, other reasons for object readings also. Questions can be asked in object readings. The types of questions generally asked in objects readings are sought to:

  • Locate a related lost object - using the object as a tool to locate another object
  • Locate a missing or lost person - using the object to locate the person
  • Connect with a person who has passed on and hope to receive a message from that person
  • Locate a missing or lost animal - using the object as tool to locate the animal
  • Understand the object itself and what it has to say - a psychic reading from and about the object itself.

Types Of Objects Read

Object readings other than vehicle, house and plant readings include general and personal objects such as jewellery, wallets, crystals, gemstones, photos, purses, bags, clothing, documents, pictures, furniture, pens, computers, money and phones for example. Requests can be made for any object and can be read given permission to do so (please see below - PERMISSION TO READ).

My guides and guardian angels come through and will provide you with a reading of your objects. The messages that come through from an object can be about it's history; the 'how, when, what and why', i.e. history of the object or the persons experiences with this object.

As well as this, is the object's understanding of it's own experiences, it's vibration, inner fabric or soul, energy and aura of itself and the person who owns it, it's emotions and it's emotional connection to the person who owns it, i.e. the reading is of the object itself as well as of the connection with the owner of the object.

Permission to Read

Objects read are given permission by the owner. An exception is where the purpose of the request is to find for example, a missing person or pet. Similarly, for a missing object for example, to locate a missing 'sister' object such as a bookend belonging with another, where one may be read to find the other.

Special Note Regarding Permission to Read:

The object must be yours or inherited for proper use, e.g location of an important missing object or person. If the object is found not to be yours, you will still be charged for the reading and the

reading will not recommence until permission is given by the owner. If permission needs to be given and a new booking made, a new reading charge will apply.

Method Delivery & How to Book an Object Reading

Object Readings Done Remotely

Readings may be delivered in-person, via skype, by phone or by email. Group bookings are available as Psychic Parties & Corporate Events. You can also have a Psychic Art picture produced with any reading. Please view my Price List & Enquiry Form page to select your booking choices and preferences or Contact me for further assistance.


If you would like an object reading done remotely, you can send me the object (within reason and to be negotiated). However, the return delivery will be at your own expense. Please include this request at the time of booking.

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