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How Tarot Works

Tarot heartThe source of energy for a Tarot reading comes from you, your guides and your guardian angels and my guides and guardian angels come through to 'complete' the reading from the cards selected by you. They are open and honest and will speak with what is coming through from the cards. The images on the cards are not literal pictures of events or factors in your life, but represent themes or circumstances in and around your life. It is in no way a reflection of the absolute nor a judgement of the choices you make but is more a reflection of your circumstances and your life force energy at the time.

The vibration of each card shows or represents an energy that may be fuelled by fear, courage, love, absence, love, truth, honesty, loyalty, distance or any number of things in life. Each card in it's relative position with the other drawn cards, shows a line between the many emotions, feelings, thoughts and actions of how your life is at the time, or how others see you at the time. The meaning will vary depending on the overall reading and each reading is different from another. But the overall themematic meaning or character of the reading is the right message at the time of the reading. People’s perceptions and projections can alter their understanding of the reading. A reading is not cemented in time, nor should it be. Time is transient. The only constant thing you have in life is free will which is between you, your guides and guardian angels.

Tarot DeckThe Benefits Of A Tarot Reading

Tarot is not only a tool for reading but is used also for healing.  It can assist those requesting a reading, to show a way to work through their lives through the patterns, the quests, the courage and the love, demonstrated by, towards and in association with them. A benefit of selecting Tarot as the tool for a reading is the tangible nature of using a physical tool to provide imagery in the answers to their questions or enquiries. Whether the questions are about love, money finances or career, a Tarot reading can provide guidance to achieve or balance the parts of their lives they seek guidance for and to help get the answers to the questions they ask.

There are many and varied reasons why people select Tarot for a reading, but generally it is because you can see and touch the cards. People like tarot because it is in front of them and the answer is in front of them. As people become familiar with Tarot cards, over time they see how their choices have come through and manifested to the person they are today. Tarot can be utilised as a guide as it provides a representational journey of life and can help provide a picture of the past, the present and the future.

Tarot readingTypes Of Tarot Decks

Tarot decks vary for different types of readings, e.g. from the angels or animals, fairies or crystals. Each deck and card has its own energy. Whether you request a reading from the Angel deck, the Fairies deck or another deck, each card mirrors a human behavior, a pattern, an understanding, a character, a trait, a belief or a fear. The picture on each card shows 'markings' or a type of DNA, so to speak, unique to it's energy. The cards are a reflection of humanities life force energy and the way it unfolds will vary based on the spread. Archtic Moon will supply the Tarot cards for a redaing. However, if you have a deck of your own that you would like to include for an in-person reading, please request this. Your reading may be complimented by your own deck in conjucnction with Archtic Moon's.

The Shapeshifter Deck

Another type of deck is the Shapeshifter deck. This deck's illustrations shows the association between animals, flora and fauna as one. Together, the cards from this deck represent nature as the life force and the combined universal flow and can be described as a view of the world from the 'inside out'. This deck personifies the duality of change from one form to the next and in a way, represents Mans perceptions of the natural world in connection with our sense of humanity.

Misconceptions - The Death Card

Tarot cards are a tool. Drawing upon a Tarot card does not mean you have drawn upon a literal impression of the picture on the card. The death card for example, is subject to a classic case of common misconception; many see this card as meaning death is near. However, the meaning of the death card is of change. It’s an overall catalyst card, representing changes that will have a clearly decisive effect on your life. These changes may be a pattern of changes or a change in intention of your life, stemming either from within or around you. The change could mean that you are breaking away from a fear in your life, for example. It does not mean that life has ended literally for you, just that it is the death of the old which allows the new to come through; the card represents a rebirth in this sense. The death card may also represent a person whom has passed over in a particular period in your life. It may also represent grief and trauma.


Rune Readings

Have your Runes read by your guides & guardian angels. 

Traditionally, Runes have been used to provide readers a way to provide messages based on the symbol and often like tarot are generally placed in a certain way to provide a message - placing & their inscription just like tarot is ancient. Runes were discovered from Odin, or Odhinn the Nordic God .

Traditionally, the Runes symbolise anything from the elements of nature to the elements that humans & nature demonstrate.

As a medium who works with your angels in a reading – they are the ones communicating the messages so I don’t provide you with the meanings based strictly on the specific identifying markings on the tiles. What I do is based on the symbol the energy of the symbol communicates with you.


For example – 

The Rune with this F symbol as such.

Name: Ansuz
Prononciation: "awn-sooze"
Letter value: A
Phonetic value: a as in "awning", "call" or "law"
Meaning: Aesir, ancestral god

This rune reasonably would say the above – father figure for example.

But your guides & angels for you will/may say it relates to the masculine relationship you have with your physical energy, your physical disposition such as; when are you strong, when are you weak, when are you brave, or you are demonstrating this energy & it isn’t working for you, or several other levels of messages based not on what the tile says – just like reading Tarot – just because it is a symbol doesn’t mean it is its literal.

Another example of a rune tile message


Name: Hagalaz
Prononciation: "haw-gaw-laws"
Letter value: H
Phonetic value: h as in "hail", aspirate "h"                                                       as in modern English
Meaning: hail

This tile as per above is seen to be a rune that represents STOPPING! But upon reflection with your angels for you, it could be this, or if used in a reading, it could answer how you are not looking at an obvious situation to how to manifest peace rather than resisting it. Depending on how your reading is & what messages are coming through will amplify how your messages will be provided to you. 

They are another tool to use when working through a situation where you need guidance from. There are many ways to place out your runes, however, we as your angels greet you with a message of love, compassion, guidance & inspiration. We will read for you your Runes to aid & assist you through this time of need & consultation.

Whatever the situation in your life you can cast out a rune or any number of runes to receive your messages of guidance from your Angels. 

For an historical tour in learning about RUNES – just google it. But remember just because a tile is what is says does not mean how it relates to you. Your guides & guardian angels are there to work with you to provide you with guidance. Reading what a symbol has been historically stated in its relationship to you is just rune reading rather than connecting with your spiritual energy. In your reading with me, your angels & or guides are working with you in providing you with the messages based on the energy at the time.

For more details about the costs of a reading – see the pricing page – but rune readings are at the same costs based on how you wish to have your reading & the time in which you are requesting it. 

How to Book a Tarot Reading

Readings may be delivered in-person, via skype, by phone or by email. Group bookings are available as Psychic Parties & Corporate Events. You can also have a Psychic Art picture produced with any reading. Please view my Price List & Enquiry Form page to select your booking choices and preferences or Contact me for further assistance.

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Have your own unique psychic artwork produced with a Psychic Art Reading.

Psychic artworks are an auric 'snapshot' of your reading. A picture of your personal psychic footprint. To book a reading with psychic artwork please see the Price List & Enquiry Form.

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