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Frequently Asked Questions about
Psychics and Mediums 

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Mel Reddie

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Questions to ask a Psychic and or Medium

Do not pay them until you ask these questions!


1. How does the Psychic or Medium work?

The important thing to understand is know these are two separate types of services.


Psychics typically draw their resources from their own intuition. Keep in mind that they are connecting with themselves rather than you when
they use their intuition.

In order to get knowledge from spiritual beings, people are known as mediums. There are many examples of the distinctions, therefore
I've tried to be as explicit as I can about them here.

This is crucial to understand because mediums and psychics both practice unique crafts that vary from person to person. Just because a medium or

psychic receives messages audibly through clairaudience doesn't mean they aren't distinct from another medium or psychic who receives messages visually.

People do learn visually and/or acoustically, just like you. As a result, just as a medium or psychic who receives messages verbally or visually
would not be unable to 
give you a message merely because they are Clairvoyant if they cannot see it, or vice versa, if they are Clairaudient.

Note: Clairaudience is the ability to hear messages that are not there. When you see the messages, you have clairvoyance

Many mediums and psychics employ different methods; some use a combination of the aforementioned tools, while others employ three,
four, or any other number of combined tools

The important thing to ask is whether they interpret the energy, or whether it is the one who speaks.

Mediums and psychics may only see what is offered and convey to you what they receive from the spirit at times when readings can be overwhelming for them.

Importantly, finding a Medium or Psychic that asks you nothing is what I would ask them.

You are paying for a talk, not a psychic reading, if they need information from you in order to give you advise.

Where does the psychic gift fit into that process?

You should get help from a friend, a family member, or a licenced therapist for that (Please remember, neither your friend nor your family are your trained therapists)

That is what a friend, a family member, a trained therapist is for (Please remember, niether your friend nor your family are your trained therapists)

It's important to keep in mind that psychics and mediums are not therapists, so asking them for advice and disclosing your problems would be like disclosing
your problems to an unskilled person and then questioning how they knew or how you felt relieved. Naturally, you were relieved. You believed that letting it all
out on a complete stranger was what you wanted. 

A psychic or mediumship reading is not what you get when you hand off your responsibilities to an unskilled person and momentarily feel better. It's not the job of a
medium or psychic; it's you venting and refusing to take responsibility for your actions.

Also, therapists are trained to work with you, that's their gig, so Psychics/Mediums CAN NEVER be a replacement for a good old fashioned therapist.

As well as, why would you tell a Psychic things... there is no credibility for a Medium of they ask you things and then you tell them because paraphrasing your words
is what you hear - so you think you hear guidance, but all you hear is your words framed differently.

You don't want to pay someone only to hear the same words you?

Your angels and guides can provide guidance since they are a part of you and your self. Your guides are humans or animals from this life or prior lives, and your
angels are you as a collective noun. Thus, make sure the messages you hear are from your guides and angels, not what their guides and angels are telling you.


Tell the Psychic or Medium NOTHING and ask them when they would ask a question and ensure that they ask for and you tell them





Does the Psychic or Medium gets tired?

If the Psychic or Medium gets tired, the chances are that they take on the energy they work with. This is not healthy, nor worth your time.
Their guides are the ones who do the work by channelling yours. So when they channel their guides and angels, it should not mean they get tired.

It's their space, not yours.

Directly approaching yours will ALWAYS make them feel worn out. It's crucial for the medium or psychic to channel their own energy so that your
angels and guides can communicate with you via them. The messages you need to hear are from your spirits, your guides, not them and NOT
INTERPRETATED VERSIONS of you. That way you know that because you told the Medium or Psychic nothing, that the message is clearer and not 
merky in you telling them stuff so they can get details of it and then re-frame it to you. THAT'S NOT A READING!

Not the Psychic or Medium go to yours directly. 

2. How did they learn their craft?

Asking now the Medium or Psychic learned their craft is important also.

I've seen psychics spread out tarot cards before picking up a book to disclose the meaning. Regardless of the individual's age, this is not a
psychic nor a medium. 
No two people's tarot cards will read the same, every card has a special significance for every individual.
Just like each person's interpretation of a two of cups or a five of swords is unique. 

You cannot become a Medium or a Psychic by reading a book.  


Ensure that the Medium or Psychic didn't do a course in 6 weeks - you know the short courses in how to be a Psychic...

Being trained by someone who works with you one-on-one is the key. Helping you develop the tools you have within, unlocking your
energy and you not feeling tired, in pain, that you don't have the stuff from childhood affect you in your readings - or indeed your adulthood.

Being a Medium or Psychic means the energy around you will feel different. But having a person who helps you to switch off, not feel it,
not absorb it, not pay attention to all the dead people around your friends or family, to feel sick from the amount of energy you channeling

takes time. 

But make sure you ask. Because it will not only save you time and money but also awareness that you are getting a service that is safe for you
and the Medium or Psychic themselves.

If you have unresolved stuff, your spirits want you to deal with that first, otherwise, anything that comes through will be blocked from you not wanting to work on you.

If the medium is blocked, because they are not wanting to work through their lives, you will get a filtered message. That isn't what you paid for nor deserve. 

It also means that the Medium doesn't take their own advice in healthy healing. How can you channel others if you are not wanting to channel your own guidance.

People frequently ask me if I give certain services

  • Do I provide psychic healings? 

  • Do I provide psychic readings in Melbourne?

  • Do I provide Tarot in Melbourne?

  • Am I a Psychic Medium?

  • Am I Psychic?

  • Do I provide bodymap readings?

  • Do I provide psychic readings in Sydney?

  • Do I provide psychic readings in Brisbane?

  • Do I provide psychic readings in Perth?

  • Am I a Psychic in Cairns?

  • Am I a Psychic in Darwin?

  • Am I a Psychic in Alice Springs?

  • Do I provide object readings?

  • Do I provide Astrology readings or Astrology chart readings?

  • Do I provide Chinese Astrology readings?

  • Do I provide dream readings or readings about dreams? 

  • Do I provide readings about people with disabilities who are unable to communicate verbally?

  • Can you receive psychic messages from a person who is in a coma?

  • Can you receive psychic messages from an animal who is coma? 

  • Do I provide Psychic Feng Shui readings?

  • Do I provide Funeral readings?

  • Do I provide psychic investigation services?

  • Do I provide Psychic Genealogy?

  • Do I provide readings about your current life?

  • Do I attend provide readings at Hen's Nights?

  • Do I provide psychic readings at Corporate Events?

  • Do I clear spirits?

  • Do I provide tattoo readings?

  • Am I a Psychic Artist?

  • Am I a Clairvoyant in Melbourne?

  • Do I see Angels?

  • Do I channel Angels?

  • Am I a Plant Psychic?

  • Am I an Animal Psychic?

  • Do I provide readings for babies?

  • Do I provide Psychic healings only in Melbourne?

  • Do I provide psychic readings world-wide?

  • I just searched for Psychic Melbourne and you came up?

The answer is yes, but I provide readings worldwide, not just in Melbourne.

I deliver readings for people all across the world so it makes no difference where you are. It is about consent, logistics and the time zone.



You do not need to bring anything to your reading - I connect with you - why would I need to see it. Readings can be:

- phone

- Skype

- DUO  

- Whatsapp




Archtic Moon's Business Hours

Can very if there is a Psychic Party/Corporate function is booked

Sunday 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
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When requesting another reading... you can contact me by calling me or sending a text on 0438 770 526


or by email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




How Old Do You Have To Be To Have A Reading?

You can have a reading at any age. In fact, I am even able to provide you with a message from your unborn baby. This can be between the first trimester to speaking age which is toward the end of the toddler stage. After that stage, the child will need to be of an age where they can provide consent for themselves. Unless you may be requesting a reading for example, a lost child or a child whom has passed over, then readings with children from about 3 to 10 are not generally performed.

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Have your own unique psychic artwork produced with a Psychic Art Reading.

Psychic artworks are an auric 'snapshot' of your reading. A picture of your personal psychic footprint. To book a reading with psychic artwork please see the Price List & Enquiry Form.

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