As part of my services, I provide healings. These can be carried out remotely or in person. I will be where you are (whether physically or not) at the place and for the length of time requested by you. Please ensure that the space you choose will fit both you and me and my healing table.


The length of time taken is based on your request.


A healing is a form of a reading in that my guides and guardian angels come through and provide a healing for you as well as a reading.


Healing guides and catalysts come through and provide messages about where and what they see in front of you, for you, your body and any areas that come through that need healing.


I may use tools such as crystals in healings. Generally however, the healings may involve a hands-on approach or can be done remotely – providing you with messages about the state of your body’s condition, general health/wellbeing by focusing on the body’s functions and extremities – past, present or future.


Healings can offer a feeling of resolution about conditions of your body which can be carried from your previous or present lives… and can offer warnings 0r preventative measures for future lives.




During the healing you will be provided with phrases that you can use on your own after the session. These  phrases will assist you in future for providing a balance and clarity – the aim of healings are so you can do it on your own with your guides, with your angels. All that happens in the healing is that you connect with them, listen to them and they will help you in future – helping you connect with them and providing you with the healing you need for you… it’s all about letting yourself be heard. Your guides and angels will tell you exactly what you need… they are after all … you.


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Healing from Archangel Raphael


This is for either a chakra or aura healing – just use the word that applies to the healing. It can also be used for both at the same time.


I am with myself, 

I love myself, 

I am good for myself, 

I now surround my aura and chakras with all the colours on this universal plane. 

I now surround myself with white light on myself. 

I now surround myself with a smidge of dirt.

 I now am of light, love and peacefulness.

Just relax and breathe and inside your mind,


I am now at peace and healed.

Stay seated for a few minutes after the healing. After that, stand up and move forward with your day.


This technique is where Archangel Raphael comes through and provides the reading. He does not hold any punches and is quite clear about his messages.

Archangel Raphael is generally the main angel that comes through to me in a reading. However, it depends on the message being delivered and who will deliver it.

I may use tools such as crystals in healings. Generally, however, the healing does not require a hands-on approach.

I connect with my guides and guardian angels,  to provide messages about the state of your body’s condition.


Psychic counselling can cover many aspects, from learning to understand your gifts to assisting you with spirits whom you feel you cannot leave, from helping you to resolve what your fears and thoughts are about your gifts to what you see as a concern in working with your guides and guardian angels.

This service can be offered individually or will form part of your healing or reading. I will connect with your guides and guardian angels whom you will be communicating with in this reading and who will talk with you about your fears, concerns, and abilities. They are there to help you work with your spirit, and they are there for you—not to hurt you, but to help you clarify your position in yourself and your life.


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