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Mel is so amazing! She is absolute perfection! Everything she told me was right on point. She is in Australia and I am in United States and she didn’t mind

meeting me in the middle on session times. I went to about 14 psychics before her and no one could do for me what she did!

What gift she has! I love her style and her energy! I’m going to tell everyone about her! I’m so ready to book again!!

Yeah things she says is something we don’t wanna hear. I had a reading with her 2 years back n I was upset as I didn’t want to hear what she said but

everything she said panned out exactly the same way and now I mad that I wasted my time and energy didn’t listen to her. She is someone who will

definitely show u the right path.

Mel has connected me with my child I lost 11 years ago. I was amazed to learn things told by Mel relating to my child.

Her readings were outright honest and truthful. I am looking forward to many more readings in the future.

Thanks Mel.

I met Mel by accident 3 years ago when I was selling tickets to a foreigner concert as my dad had just died and I couldn’t go.

Thing is I never told her that and she knew nothing about me as I advertised through gumtree, when she arrived to collect the tickets she shook my hand and wouldn’t let go and the proceeded to tell me my dad was standing next to me and that he was happy and that he wants us to have a big party which is what we’re doing the next day as a big send off for him.

I was blown away and amazed at what I had just experienced as Mel knew nothing about me until after I told her she was spot on.

Highly recommended medium

Once again I had a fantastic reading from Mel. Mel, is fantastically gifted and is highly accurate on her readings. She has really helped guide me on more than one occasion with things that I have required direction on in my life. The ability to know the situations in my life and guide me on them without being told is truly

breathtaking! Mel you really are very gifted and there are very few people like you that have the skills and insight in the spirit realms like you. I would highly recommend Mel if you need some much needed guidance and healing in your life.  Thank you once again for your wonderful guidance and help.

I will be back for another reading soon. Thanks Mel – Alex

I found my reading very interesting, I didn’t ask any questions but the reading and messages l received was clear and from family long past

Amazing, Mel helped me with my worries and gave me the important information I needed to make the changes in my life for the better. Thanks Mel

Thank you so much Mel for connecting me with my missing cat and helping me find out how he feels and where he could be to help me locate him and give

him what he wants. Readings were 100% spot on and it was absolutely shocking especially with it being over the phone. She told me what was going on

with my life without even knowing me. Definitely recommend, especially pet readings. Thanks again Mel!   

Faye and Casper. X


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